Monkey Swimmers Swimming Starter Kit

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Monkey Swimmers are the first swimming kit that will actually prepare your child for swimming lessons. These unique armbands, that fit securely & allow huge amounts of movement, grow with your child’s ability & confidence as you are able to gradually remove each of the three separate ‘bands’, giving less and less buoyancy each time.

As well as the state-of-the-art armbands the kit includes; a fully illustrated story book - which introduces the Monkey Swimmers to your child with lots of swimming tips, actively involving them in the decision to learn to swim, a supercool swim bag - to carry their new swim stuff to the pool in, as well as a progress chart - to mark & follow their development, whilst giving them lots of encouragement.


  • World’s slimmest, adjustable, super soft, foam armbands
  • A swimming kit that engages your child
  • Develops water confidence in a fun and friendly way
  • An alternative to the usual large inflatable swimming armbands
  • Perfect for children aged 1-6 yrs
  • Exceeds British, European and Australian Safety Standards
  • Once the little monkey has progressed through the progress chart they will be able stay afloat independently

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